Everybody thinks their example of #winning defines this hashtag category.  You nail the cheesecake recipe… #winning.  Two patties in your single patty burger…#winning.  The toddler ate the brussel sprouts disguised as marshmallows…#winning.  The dog peed in the cat litter…#winning.


These deserve a participation trophy, at most. What defines #Winning, you ask?

When your wife fishtails the minivan in front of Redbox, slams on the breaks furious-style, ejects out of the already open door and dives toward the box, DVD in her outstretched hand.  As the clock strikes 9:00, the DVD slides into the return slot with a loud “CHA-CHING” as she does a tuck roll and gymnast finish to top it off.  All of this while 9 months pregnant.

That, my friends, is #winning.


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