Stranger Things

The only thing better than watching a good sci-fi show is watching it with a co-pilot who navigates the storyline labyrinth with you. Yarei and I are not movie critic connoisseurs… we’re more like the fools on Mystery Science Theater 3000 who make stupid comments to each other about the absurdity of low budget movies..most of the time it’s my own monologue, followed by a simple “mmhm” by Yarei.

Our most recent discovery has been the Netflix original series Stranger Things.  It’s a sci-fi/suspense story about a boy from a quiet, yet secret-laden, town who goes missing.  His friends, a-la Goonies style, take matters in their own hands and go looking for him, only to discover there are otherworldly secrets behind his disappearance and a mysterious girl with psychokinetic powers who could have clues to the mystery.  Take this story and wrap it in a campy 80s setting, and you’ve got all the ingredients for a day of pj’s and forsaken chores.

As we watched episode three, I paused the show to enlighten Yarei on my conclusions regarding the town mystery (slight spoiler alert if you haven’t seen episodes 1-3 ).

“I think I figured out how it’s going to end,” I claimed digging my chip into some homemade salsa.

“That so?” she replied, taking a sip of her chamomile tea with a hint of lime and honey.

“Mmmhmm.  I think it has to do with the whole 80’s setting. I think the town is stuck in the 80s and the people who go missing are brought to the present… but it’s still the same town.  Two parallel towns that are somehow connected to each other via a strange creature.” Crunch

I was quite impressed at my conclusion.  Yarei was quite impressed with her tea.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.” She took a deep breath of the aromatic vapors and drifted off to teavana.

“Look,” I placed three nachos of increasing size next to each other to illustrate, “it’s like a mystery within a mystery.  Like those Russian dolls, or like the show Lost… where the island is part of a bigger mystery, and in the end the biggest mystery is they’re all dead.”

She took the biggest mystery nacho out of my hand and dipped it in salsa, followed by a deliberately loud crunch.

“Ok, Louie,” she responded, flatly.

I grew slightly frustrated at her lack of acknowledgment of this revelation.

“You know why i’m so laid back? Because I’m always anticipating the mystery within the mystery of life.  If a time traveler were to suddenly appear in our living room and say ‘i’m from the future, and I have a very important message from your future self’ I wouldn’t freak out… i’d take the holographic paper and know exactly what to do. It’s all part of the bigger mystery of life.”

Yarei took a long, drawn out sip of her intoxicating beverage and smacked her lips at its deliciousness.  She pushed the recline button and extended herself in the plush chair.

This is why i’m so laid back.”  Sluuurp

“WOMAN! Don’t you know what’s at stake here!” I pointed violently at the TV.

Yarei popped up from her recliner position like a jack-in-the-box.  “That’s it… i’m cutting you off and turning on gymnastics.”

In the background, an eerie 80’s synthesizer soundtrack trailed off in the distance as a lamp flickered off and on.

stranger 2


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