It was a lazy Saturday morning in my suburban kingdom.  The air was buzzing with the sounds of lawnmowers, birds and ice cream trucks.  I was nestled in the recliner,  watching an obscure Knight Rider episode where KITT faces his arch-nemesis and evil counterpart KARR, when suddenly an impassioned argument in Spanish between a man and woman erupts in my kitchen.

“Desgraciada! Tabasco es mi hermano! Como pudieras!?” (You wretch! Tabasco is my brother! How could you!?)  burned the bottled male voice.

Startled, I sprang up to investigate as the yelling got louder and louder.

“Cobarde! No te atreverias!”  (coward! you wouldn’t dare!) came the defiant female response.  

… but by the time I arrived in the kitchen –

it was too late:


look for the continuation of Salsacide on Univision, this fall.

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