Pencil Drop

“Mr. Rivera, I still don’t get how to rationalize the radical out of the denominator of this fraction!”

Indistinct murmurings and pencil scratching.

“And this, my dear Hope for America’s Future, is how you rationalize the radical out of the denominator of a fraction.  BOOM!

“Umm..mister, what was that?”


“Why did you just climb the desk and slam your pencil down, then jump into an imaginary crowd?”

“Hello… didn’t you watch the Super Bowl Half Time show?”

“Yeah, but that’s different.”

“No.  I looked it up on wikipedia.  It’s a gesture used at the end of a performance or statement to indicate triumph.  As you can see, we clearly triumphed over this radical.”

“Mister… you have to be, like, famous to do that.  And you’re supposed to use a mic.”

“I’m famous in my own mind… and this pencil is my microphone to the masses of young minds that walk through that door every day.  So don’t you worry your pretty little ‘mic drop’ about that.”

“Umm..ok.  So anyway.  What if the denominator is an imaginary radical?”

More indistinct murmuring and squeaking sounds from a dry erase marker. 

“Imaginary radical… you’ve just been kicked into real life. BOOM!

“Mister?!  Mister, what are you DOING?!!”

“Shh… hand me the screwdriver.  And, you may want to move… this one deserves a white board drop.”



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