Newparent Log, Part 1

Our first 32 hours of parenthood have been great.  I’m blessed to be married to a woman who makes motherhood look like the beautiful art it is.  I find myself looking in wonder at our new son, Elias, and the Divine intervention that goes into making and delivering a baby. When Yarei is carrying him, I marvel at the fact that he lived inside her for 9 months.  I had the priviledge of being present at his birth and I sure am glad I watched a video about this process before having a front row ticket to the live event (although nothing can prepare you for this show).  Yarei had labored for over 62 hours and this was the culmination of a very hard, painful and exhausting road.  I told her that I would be comforting her and stroking her hair on the northern hemisphere  of the birthing process because the video of “the southern hemisphe” was a tad much.  Well, once it was show time the nurses asked if I wanted to be a part of the “Southern Hemisphere Welcoming Committee”.  I couldn’t use the “well, i have to stroke her hair” excuse because it’s not like I couldn’t be at both poles in a matter of seconds.   When people say the two greatest days of their lives are their wedding day and the day their child was born, I can now understand both of those great events. As part of the “welcoming committee” I was to encourage Yarei to push along with the nurses.  The nurses would cheer along saying “you’re doing a great job!”  and “you’re doing this for your baby!”  I was quiet at first, with eyes big as hubcaps, not sure what to say or do.  In a bewildered daze, I gave the occasional hair stroke, and whimpered small word of love and encouragement as she bore down on each contraction. But then the 5th contraction came along and I was feeling bolder and a little more creative.  By then, the baby’s head was emerging and I thought “you’re doing a great job” just wasn’t the kind of cheer I wanted to use.  So I opted for:

  “Way to go, Yarei!!  He’s prairie doggin’!!” 

Well, that little cheer had the opposite affect I wanted as it sent Yarei into a belly laugh, which then ended the pushing action.   Ooops…   but in the end, he emerged victorious like the honey badger, with a little fist coming out right after the head to indicate the beginning of the Elias revolution!!

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