So Navidad begins

In true Yarei/Felipe fashion, my lovely wife cranks up the Christmas music at 12:01 am on November 1st, while I ask for at least a release from 90 degree weather before singing about winter wonderlands.

Yesterday, Yarei wanted to take advantage of the brief 79 degree cold front,  which blasted us for 3 hours before releasing its icy cold grip, to purchase our Christmas tree (earlier than we’ve ever purchased it, mind you).

Brrrr…” she exclaimed as she stepped outside the house and brushed the humidity out of her long, black hair.  “What a perfect day to get our family Christmas tree!”

“Since it’s November 20 and the high today is 83 degrees… I think all they’ll be selling at the tree lot are Christmas palm trees and plastic flamingos with Santa hats,” I reasoned, in hopes of preparing her for what was to come.

“It’s not a tree lot!  It’s a Christmas tree adoption center!! And those are Florida reindeer! ” she grinned as she stared out the window, visions of melting sugar plums dancing in her head.

so it begins

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