How I met my Luchadora

On this our anniversary week, I can’t help but recall our first encounter.

It was a crisp October eve in 2008, and a young adult ministry gathering was in full swing at the Crossing Church.  I selected the perfect jean jacket for the night, knowing anything could happen. 
I waited patiently, anxiously by the game wall for your arrival, trying to feign coolness as I played the latest incarnation of Mario Brothers on the PS3. After all, nothing says ‘cool and mysterious’ like a man engrossed in a video game.
I was about to acquire the flag in the depths of the warp zone, when a record scratch sound echoed   in the room. A disco ball dropped from out of no where and I glanced at the entrance. A vision of long legs and hip-hugging jeans entered the scene, and time slowed down.  You laughed silently as you made small talk with new acquaintances, but soon your laughter turned to intensity.  
     Our eyes met and my eyes widened like saucers.  You shot a look at me and mouthed the words:
“Don’t you dare look back… keep your eyes on me.”
You walked slowly toward me, seemingly gliding upon the star speckled floor. Murmurings about this mysterious woman stirred in the room.
In defiance to your womanly powers which were weakening me by the second like Superman wearing a kryptonite leotard, I lifted an eye brow and mouthed:
“You’re holding back.”
Without missing a beat you pursed her lips and shot out a slender, tanned arm, complete with hot red finger nails. An arrow flung out of your index finger and pierced my soul.
“Shut up and Dance with me!” you shouted with no mercy.
Suddenly, the crowd that had formed around us synchronized into a flash mob and sang in an angelic chorus,
“This woman is my destiny!”
I nodded to them as I was twirled about by this mysterious “t shirt and jeans” flamenco dancer and started to ask you your name.
“Who are y—“
“SHUT UP AND DANCE WITH ME!” you belted out, as my neck was nearly snapped by a sudden shift in dance direction. I was a leaf in a hurricane… a hurricane of love.
All i could do was look in your eyes as the background of the room spun around like the gravitron ride at the state fair. I was about to black out from the lack of blood to my brain, so I comforted myself with the thought,
“Deep in her eyes, I think I see a future…” and then the thud of a head smacking against a concrete floor.
And as I dreamed, or whatever one does during a mild concussion, I saw the following vision  flash across my mental screen.

I  love you, mi bella.  I’ll shut up and dance with you for life.


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