Confessions of a Dance Floor Diva (Part Two)

And now the conclusion of “Confessions of a Dance Floor Diva”

“Alright party people, we’ve got a special request coming up after this raffle… so let’s keep the dancing going!” the DJ spat into the mic as he pumped a party-fist in the air.

I scanned the room looking for my dance girl, but she had vanished.  Suddenly, the opening guitar tune for my song resounded through the speakers… it was time.  I frantically scanned the strobe lit room and spied Yarei near the dance floor.  In a swooping motion I circled around her like a lion hunting a gazelle and pulled her onto the dance floor.

Don’t you dare look back, just keep your eyes on me

She mouthed the words and looked intently into my eyes, index and middle finger pointing to her eyes,  then mine.  The gauntlet had been thrown.

I said you’re holding back

I mouthed back in defiance as we circled each other, locked in a stare down.

She said shut up and dance with me!

 Yarei fired back without missing a beat ,finding the weak spot in my dance armor as we locked hands, arms extended.  The room spun behind us.   We were victims of the night.

The red and white strobe lights had blinded me, so all I could do was imagine the throng around us, ready to lift us up on their shoulders as we approached the crescendo of the song.  We dazzled them with signature moves like the fish-on-a-hook and  the lawn mower as we danced around like a couple electrons…and the party floor was our atom.

The song reached the point where the crowd pumps their fist in the air in one defiant move, so I prepared to lift Yarei off the ground…

This woman is my destiny, she said Oh Oh                      SHUT UP AND DANCE!

With a frozen fist in the air, my eyes adjusted in time to realize we were the only electrons on the dance floor.  The mob that was supposed to hoist us triumphantly in the air was actually a crowd of onlookers at a bad car accident.  Time stood still; I stared at the onlookers with shock and slight concern as I could only hold my Dirty Dancing pose so long before we both came crashing down. I acted decisively and swung Yarei behind my back as the music resumed, ignoring my newfound lone-dancer reality.
Oh don’t you dare look back, just keep your eyes on me…

Carpe Shut Up, I thought… and we launched a triple-electron-shake-spin followed with an unsure  dip which flowed smoothly into the big finish: a semi-synchronized cheerleader victory pose with one foot in front of the other, knees slightly bent, index fingers to sky.  We locked eyes and held that pose for what some would consider an awkward amount of time, but our message was clear:

   This woman is my destiny… ooo ooo, SHUT UP AND DANCE WITH ME!

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