Name that Tune

No road trip is complete without a rousing game of “name that radio tune”. It’s the ultimate test of wit, speed, memory, and, in Yarei’s case, imagination. We both hail from different musical universes. While she was housing to Salt n Peppa, TLC, and Marc Anthony, I was making mix tapes of 80’s and 90’s pop and top 40 (RIP Casey Kasem). Because of this musical grand canyon that divides us, the “name that tune” game tends to be “stop asking me about old music i don’t know” game… but I can’t give up on her.
Today’s featured lyric was the following:
“Everybody needs a little time away, I heard her say, from each other…”
Quick! Name that tune!
Yarei, staring stoically out the window at some grazing cows, mumbled half heartedly, “Steve Turmeric.”
“What? That’s not even a real person. You just combined a name with a spice. Try again” I demanded.
She released a sigh of exasperation. “The guy with the long curly hair…. Kenny something.”
“Kenny G?! First of all, he has brown curly hair… secondly, he doesn’t sing. He just plays the sax. You’re not even trying.”
She rolled her eyes as she looked up from her phone, resembling an annoyed 15 year old.She thought…

“The Garbage Men.” she said, flatly but confidently.

“I think you mean ‘Men at Work’… and no.”

“Sting!” she exclaimed with the triumph of a person who flopped over the finish line.

“No… but at least you picked a real artist!” I cheered her on.

At this point, the song was over, and the DJ had announced “Chicago” as the artist.

“I was going to say ‘Stingray’, but that didn’t sound right.”

Way to follow your heart… now don’t go chasing waterfalls.


Newparent Log, Part 1

Our first 32 hours of parenthood have been great.  I’m blessed to be married to a woman who makes motherhood look like the beautiful art it is.  I find myself looking in wonder at our new son, Elias, and the Divine intervention that goes into making and delivering a baby. When Yarei is carrying him, I marvel at the fact that he lived inside her for 9 months.  I had the priviledge of being present at his birth and I sure am glad I watched a video about this process before having a front row ticket to the live event (although nothing can prepare you for this show).  Yarei had labored for over 62 hours and this was the culmination of a very hard, painful and exhausting road.  I told her that I would be comforting her and stroking her hair on the northern hemisphere  of the birthing process because the video of “the southern hemisphe” was a tad much.  Well, once it was show time the nurses asked if I wanted to be a part of the “Southern Hemisphere Welcoming Committee”.  I couldn’t use the “well, i have to stroke her hair” excuse because it’s not like I couldn’t be at both poles in a matter of seconds.   When people say the two greatest days of their lives are their wedding day and the day their child was born, I can now understand both of those great events. As part of the “welcoming committee” I was to encourage Yarei to push along with the nurses.  The nurses would cheer along saying “you’re doing a great job!”  and “you’re doing this for your baby!”  I was quiet at first, with eyes big as hubcaps, not sure what to say or do.  In a bewildered daze, I gave the occasional hair stroke, and whimpered small word of love and encouragement as she bore down on each contraction. But then the 5th contraction came along and I was feeling bolder and a little more creative.  By then, the baby’s head was emerging and I thought “you’re doing a great job” just wasn’t the kind of cheer I wanted to use.  So I opted for:

  “Way to go, Yarei!!  He’s prairie doggin’!!” 

Well, that little cheer had the opposite affect I wanted as it sent Yarei into a belly laugh, which then ended the pushing action.   Ooops…   but in the end, he emerged victorious like the honey badger, with a little fist coming out right after the head to indicate the beginning of the Elias revolution!!