Catch Phrase

The holidays are full of fast paced, action packed, misquotable gaming opportunities.  Ours was no exception.

During a recent bout of the latest incarnation of Catch Phrase: Decades, players get to choose a category of words from either the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, 00’s, and 10’s.   Once you choose your category, words from that decade pop up on a disc and your team must guess the word without you saying it, then quickly pass the disc on to the next team.  Whoever gets stuck with the disc at the buzzer loses. The setup so far almost guarantees a Suburban Luchador moment.

We tried the 10’s first because we figured we all “live in the now”, so we would all do well.  However, after struggling with phrases like “Swagger Wagon” and realizing we’re not as much “in the now” as wed’ like to think, we switched to the more friendly 80’s.

The round began.  The ticking clock starts off with a slow methodical beat which approaches a faster, frantic rhythm as time runs out.  The disc is being past deftly from one person to another as words like “Dan Quayle”, “Pepsi Free”, “Mohawk” are being described and guessed left and right. The disc lands in Brett’s hands.  The clock has approached frantic level and only seconds are left before the buzzer goes off. Yarei leans in with a look of intensity, like Joan of Arc about to go to battle. Brett begins describing with clipped phrases: Michael Jackson song! About fighting! Two words 5 letters then 2! In the same breath, Yarei jumps from her seat, toppling some Wise Men fruit cake in her wake, and screams “PUNCH ME!”.  BZZZZ!!!!  A broad smile on her face as she believes she got the point at the buzzer… only to see the look of disbelief on her teammates faces.   “Close… it was ‘Beat it’ ”

Undaunted at her defeat, she ignores the recent loss. “It’s ok team,” she says, jogging in place and shrugging her shoulders… “shake it off… we’ll get them in this round.”  The clocks starts again for the final round: tick… tick… tick….

“Spaceballs!” “Indiana Jones!” “DeLorean!” were featured screams from the next round.  The clock sped up – tickticktick – as the buzzer approached.  Again, the disc landed in Brett’s hand at the last few seconds. Using short breaths to save time he spouted “E.T said this in movie!”

Like a lion pouncing on its prey, Yarei launched into action. 2 seconds left on the timer.  It was one of those slow motion moments where the ball is shot from half court and everyone is staring intently…

“E.T     GO      HOME!”

A “SWISH!” in her victorious mind followed by fist pumps as the buzzer ends the round.

I love my wife’s indomitable spirit.

May we all find our inner Yarei of Arc in 2015.


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