About me

Welcome to SuburbanLuchador.com, a blog about mystical minivans, legendary lawns, whimsical wives, dastardly diapers and the Luchador that bring them together. Beyond these links are stories about my life as a father, husband, high school teacher, and neighborhood vigilante.

Why the title Suburban Luchador, you ask? Luchador is Spanish for “fighter” or “wrestler” and depicts the alluring, mysterious fighter who defends the cause of the poor and innocent (if he’s on the good side).  Lucha Libre (Mexican wrestling) has its origins in Mexico where it started as the poor man’s theater.  Although I’m not Mexican, my childhood was spent there and I’ve always had a fondness for everything Mexicano. Together with my beautiful, yet-to-be-discovered Ms. Puerto Rican wife and Lil’ Lucha one and Lil’ Lucha two & now three, we patrol the streets of our suburban lair…My hope is that one day my son and daughter will proudly enter the Ring of life in their own Luchador outfit and fight the good fight that God put them on this earth to win.

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