Thanks for visiting! Luchadors have been a part of Mexican folklore since they first entered the wrestling ring in the 1950’s.  I would consider them one of the first modern-day superheroes.  Villains ranged from rabid vampire bat-men and killer dwarf cavemen; heros could be anything from a brave fighting rooster to a man in a silver mask.  They fought each other in the wrestling ring in ultimate battles of good against evil.

lucha film faceoff

I am neither Mexican nor a dwarf caveman, but I do embody the noble spirit of the valiant luchador in my suburban Florida neighborhood. With my mighty forearm I lift my son from certain death when aquatic ligers attack our foam noodle adventure raft. With my cape of justice I wipe the snot from my little princess’ nose, all the while maintaining my identity a mystery to all except my beautifully enigmatic  tag team partner, La Luchadora.  This lady of lucha graces many of my stories with her muse-like powers such as misquoting movies,  exuberant excitement at life’s simplicities, and an unquenchable search for adventures in her stay-at-home wonderland.
When i’m not blowing up shrieking eels with a nerf football or fighting the dad-bod in my underground Fisher-Price gym, I double as El Maestro AKA  “the migrant resource teacher” at a different kind of wrestling ring: the high school.   In this ring I coach some of the greatest underdogs in the public school system:  children of migrant farmworkers.   It’s a job I take with much pride as I see how these hard working youth face the challenge of moving back and forth from Florida to various northern states picking vegetables year after year, yet still maintain the goal of graduating from high school.

And none of these adventures would be complete without my Source of Truth, power and inspiration: my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, who has always been in my corner through the winning and losing matches.

Thanks for reading!

lil lucha

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