What if Calvin, from Calvin and Hobbes, grew up, got married, bought a minivan and moved to the Suburbs?

He would have changed his legal name to Suburban Luchador and written an epic memoir of his adventures as a whimsically imaginative suburban underdog.


Philip Rivera is an author, husband, father, teacher and overzealous suburban vigilante who enjoys adding adventure to life’s mundane moments.  His upcoming self-published book, Suburban Luchador: Memoirs from Suburbia, is a collection of humorous stories and observations about everyday family life in suburbia.  Whether he’s commenting on Dollar Tree’s attempt to sell sirloin steak or embarking on a midnight adventure to find corn muffins for his pregnant wife, he reminds us that adulthood does not have to kill imagination.

He chose the luchador as his author persona because of what they stand for. Lucha libre, or Mexican wrestling, began in the early 1900’s and features wrestlers with colorful masks and extraordinary costumes ranging from evil dwarf cavemen to noble fighting roosters.   The ‘bad’ wrestlers cheat and trick their way to victory, while the ‘good’ wrestlers are virtuous and valiant.  Although Philip is neither Mexican, nor a dwarf caveman, he does stand for family, his faith in Jesus Christ, and fighting evil with his trusty 2012 minivan.

Follow the daily Suburban Luchador struggle on Facebook, Instagram, and of course, by purchasing his high-flying, pile driving, dry humor memoir.

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